Classy Exhibitions

In Jaipur, Exhibitions happen throughout the year. Getting more footfall and sponsorship is a challenge every time. Incablet’s new innovative branding solutions can help event not just increase user’s engagement but also raise more sponsorship.

By installing Incablet’s Zumbo Play during event’s shuttle cabs, exhibition managers can use it for advertisement purposes. Moreover, event itinerary can also be shared while the customer is commuting.

Since smart units are present in cabs, they can be used for tracking cabs in the real time thereby providing a better opportunity to manage cabs.

Recently Incablet associated with Jewellery Association for their event JAS’18 as Incab Branding Partner. Our HD tablets were installed across all the free shuttle cabs. It turned out to be a huge success. Not just the commuters enjoyed our services, even businesses who showcased their Advertisements loved it. Incablet even received a certificate of Appreciation from the Association for our services.

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