For Event Managers

If you are looking for unique sponsorship options for an upcoming conference or exhibition, get in touch with us. Together, lets redefine the commuters experience.

Via our flagship product Zumbo, we can attach tablets in any car. This can be used for branding on wheels. We provide our services on rentals. For exhibitions, conferences and even weddings, Incablet unfolds a unique way of branding in cabs.

Recently, Incablet was associated with Jewellery Association for JAS’18 as their In Cab Branding Partner. All free shuttle cabs for JAS18 were powered with Incablet. For 4 days, in all 50 cabs, tablets were installed for commuters entertainment. It also opened doors for exhibitors to video advertise in cabs at really affordable prices.

What makes Incablet unique is the services that we provide which include –

  1. Security – Tablet fitted inside Zumbo is secured from theft. The person sitting in the back seat cannot steal the tablet without getting noticed.
  2. Safety – Our headrests have been designed to ensure safety. Its kept inside the case in custom designed head restraint, so in case of minor accidents, our tablet remains safe. Moreover, all the devices are remotely monitored and cannot be used for the purpose other than specified.
  3. Scalable – Zumbo has been designed to make sure that it can fit in any car in a matter of minutes. So, whatever cabs you hire, we can install Zumbo Play in that car and that too within minutes.
  4. Design – Zumbo enhances the beauty of the car. With its handsome design, commuters love it.
  5. Customizing apps for the tablet – Business can configure tablet as per their personal requirement. Some of these includes –
    • Sharing Event Itenary – Business can greet their clients with the itinerary as the client sits in the cab.
    • Video Advertising – Video Ads can be pushed to devices as they are commuting. It can also be used in exhibitions for displaying video ads to target audience set.
  6. Personalized Service – We can provide customized services as per your business requirements. Even during the event, our team will remain connected with you 24*7.
  7. Cab Tracking – To make sure attendees have a great experience, it’s very important to deliver a smooth cab experience. Generally, cabs don’t arrive on time because of drivers carelessness. Incablet gives you the opportunity to track your cabs in real time. We’ll share with you web dashboard where you can check where your cabs are at present.

If you want to enquire about an upcoming event, just fill up this form. Our team will get back to you shortly.